Akhilkumar came to Awake when he was studying in the 3rd Standard. He lost his mother when he was very young after which his father remarried and has children with his second wife. His father has never given any financial support to Akhil and his two sisters, and left it to Akhil's grandmother to care for the three children. After living in Awake for eleven years he has now successfully completed his polytechnic engineering course.

Akhilkumar was very mischievous in his younger days. It was a great challenge to look after him in the Awake home as he was never interested in his studies or even we had to counsel him often. Since he became very affectionate to us he slowly started to follow our teaching and guidance step by step. His behaviour at school caused many complaints and we had to share his family situation with his school teachers to explain the cause of his many behavioural issues. They understood his problems and gave him more attention. We were very happy when he passed in all subjects in the 10th Standard and also in his 12th Standard at the first attempt. We felt able to send him to enrol in a polytechnic course, expecting a good result.

Now he is working for an engineering company in Coimbatore and earning a good salary. His whole family is extremely pleased about his success and they also feel very thankful to Awake. Akhil visits us whenever he gets leave and is also very keen to celebrate festivals here with us. He counsels the children at Awake to use their opportunities in a good and meaningful way as he has done. Everyone in Awake feels very happy for him and we all wish to thank all the friends of the HAPSI Trust of UK for their financial and moral support.