On 6th June, Krishna and Elsie, together with other family members of the Awake Home, attended the GOLDEN CUP awards, given by the National Integrity Cultural Academy in Chennai.

It is still not clear who nominated them for this prestigious award, however it is the third award they have received within the last 3 years, nominated by others who have visited and been impressed by the loving and caring home environment created by Elsie and Krishna.

Awake Home received the Golden Cup 'Star Award' , as one of only two selected children's homes in Tamil Nadu to receive awards for their charitable work. At the ceremony, many other awards were given out for arts, films, music and other categories. No actual financial reward was given, but the presentation of such an award improves the status and reputation of the home across the Tamil Nadu community and is a huge moral boost for all. When visitor's come, they are impressed to see it and have more faith in the home.

Quotes from the children:

" I felt very happy, seeing this award, as it shows our development. It encourages us all " - Vairamani

" I felt a lot of happiness. This is the first time I have held an award. We want to earn more and more! " - Gokhul

" I feel very proud. It's a gift for our work. It's a great support to all our children and a motivation to us all... I attended the ceremony in Chennai and when we attended, it gave us a great opportunity to meet old Awake Home students who are now working in Chennai. Everyone felt great joy at the event " - John Peter

" This isn't new for us to get an award, as already we have received two others. This is a special one for us though. It's a golden statue, like an Oscar! " - Arumugam