STORIES OF HOPE - 'In their own words': Success Story - BHUVANA:

My name is Bhuvana and I am from a remote village named Kodikulam. I am one of 4 children in my family, who lost our father at a very young age. Since then, our grandmother has taken care of us all. She is a daily labourer, so is very poorly paid, which is why I came to the Awake Home in a very critical economic situation.

When I arrived, I felt very fearful and tense. The love and protection I received at the Home changed me a lot. Now, I have more motivation and am very much interested in learning, singing, dancing, mingling with the children, looking after my own studies etc.

We used to go to our native village only during our school vacations. We would spend all the festivals, such as Deepawali, Pongal and Christmas in the Home itself. We would have new dresses, sweets , good food ... and we would crack Fire crackers in those days. Mostly, we would stay up to midnight to celebrate Christmas and New Year. We would enjoy chicken and mutton on those days as our special, celebratory food.

Now, those happy and memorable days have gone by quickly. I finished my 10th standard, scoring 420 out of 500 marks. I felt happy with the success in my scores.

Recently, our government had announced a new rule that both boys and girls should not be in the same home. At that time, our own Krishna sir felt no other choice was available and planned to send the girls to live away from our home. I felt sad about it and cried a lot. Then, our sir, despite his own fears, rethought his decision and so I was able to complete my 10th and continue on to my 12th standard, staying at the Awake Home. We were able to give more concentration and focus in our studies during our Public examinations time.

So, I have been here at Awake Home for the past 7 years. All my expenses have been met by the Awake Home family. They also give good counselling to us whenever it is needed.

Now, I am in the middle of my 3 year Nursing Diploma course at St. Joseph's Hospital in Dindigul. I would like to give my heartfelt thanks to the Awake Home for giving such a good opportunity to me. If I'd failed to get shelter here, I would not be doing well like I am now.

I promised our sir that I could submit my thanks only at this time. I aspire to become a good nurse and help our Awake Home children in due course however and whenever I can.

Thank you, Bhuvana