The Awake Mercy Home is run by Elsie and Krishna, who have dedicated their lives to this work. What they have achieved is truly remarkable and has been recognised by several major charity awards (however, not financial) in India. We want to support them so that they can continue to give young people hope. (Photo of Elsie and Krishna needed here).

Why help children in India when money could be spent closer to home? We think poverty needs to be alleviated wherever it occurs. We know from our own direct experience that the Awake Mercy Home has literally rescued the children in its care. We are working with the local Indian agencies to build a resilient community.

Problems, such as migration, war and conflicts, as well as environmental disasters seem to be making the world we live in increasing more unstable. We want to do our bit, however small, to make the world a better place. We'd like you to join us.