STORIES OF HOPE - 'In their own words': Success Story - JOHN PETER:

My name is John Peter and I have been at The Awake Home since the age of 11. I have no father and my mother is alive, but in poor health with her heart condition. Despite this, she must work to survive, as a housemaid.

I am now 22 years old and with support from Awake Home, I studied up to my 12th standard at St. Mary's Higher Secondary School in Dindigul. I completed a B.A in English at G.T.N. Arts College, Dindigul (3 years), then successfully completed my Teacher training at Meenakshi B.Ed College, Dindigul (1 year). I am now halfway through my M.A. in English through a 'Distance Education' Correspondence course.

Two months ago, the Tribal Education Project began here at the Awake Home and I have become a paid teacher , with a government salary.

I am teaching 6th and 7th standard pupils, in charge of between 10 and 14 children.

I am very happy teaching here at The Awake Home, especially because I studied and stayed here myself. I can identify with the students, communicate with them easily and motivate them. The most challenging aspect of the teaching I find is teaching them English and Maths. I motivate the children through coaching them, counselling them and not being too forceful, yet giving them constant encouragement.

When the Tribal Education Project began, I helped to select the tribal children from the Palani Hills and I have taken on a lot of new responsibilities.

I feel I get good support and clear guidance from Krishna and Elsie. I am learning many new skills, as well as learning with and from the children themselves.

Many thanks, John Peter
(August 2015)